Selena – The One. Fantastic opportunity or massive fail?

This year has been a busy time for fans. There’s been a lot of press due to the 20th anniversary of her death and with the first annual Fiesta De La Flor in Corpus Christi.

Another item  that has been getting some press is the “Selena- The One” project.

The project is set to come out in 2018 and showcases Selena as a “hologram”, for lack of a better word. Apparently it’s beyond a hologram. It can make new songs by cloning her voice, go on tour and make new music videos .It’s the first of it’s kind.

I have to be honest with you. I’m very torn on this whole concept.

One day I think it’s a fantastic idea- what better way to have fans “see” her in concert that never got to experience it? Also what  great exposure. It could generate interest in her all over again just like the movie did. With this being a new technology it could be the start of something big and she would be the first.

However I am also scared this will damage her legacy and cheapen her image. I don’t want this to be a gimmick. I have always appreciated the fact that the Quintanilla  family has been so protective over her image all these years. This is why you don’t see Selena all over pillows at souvenir shops or on t-shirts at Wal-mart. If this comes out and ends up being corny, it could be forever associated with her. But I know the family is smart with their business decisions.

Most of the backlash I’m reading is that the family is only doing this for the money.  I really don’t think that’s the reason. This is too risky of an idea to take a gamble on. I truly believe they are doing this to continue her dream and this is the best way they know how. There is still such a demand for any kind of release from her.

Other people are labelling this as creepy. As for the creepy factor, I don’t see the actual hologram as creepy unless you get caught up and forget, hey, it’s not really her, and just think of it as a multi media presentation. However cloning her voice to create new songs…that strikes me as a bit strange. She wouldn’t get a say and there would be no soul behind it. But who am I to judge? I spent 3 dollars and contributed to the campaign to get the English song when it’s released.

Time will tell. I am so curious on how this turns out. I think the problem is that we just don’t understand exactly what it is. Ohhhhh only a few more years, right?

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