My top 5 Selena record wishlist.

Sometimes I feel like a bad fan because I don’t really have any memorabilia of hers.  I suppose as I get older, I don’t really see a need. I love to admire other fan’s collections, especially her old records from the 80’s.

Every single day, I do an ebay search for her LP records.  I’ve been watching this search since my teen years.  After 10 years of trying and through a last second bid, I managed to get the Dulce Amor album.  It’s proudly displayed in my husband’s office.

When I see any of her records shows up, I let out a little gasp and get a tad giddy. But I can’t help but wonder who else out there is doing this same Ebay search. Who else but me religiously searches “Selena record” or “Selena LP”. There’s obviously people out there because there’s always a bidding war going on the moment these show up.

  1. Alpha – I see this one show up maybe once every 2 years. Maybe. I think the last time I saw it come out it was an autographed version. It sold for well over 300 dollars. I did not have the funds at the time but whoever won this auction, well done as that will probably never show up again. And if you’re done admiring it, feel free to let me know! But this is the record that started her career and has one of my favorites, “Corozancito”. I can’t listen to that song without smiling. How can that song not make you happy?
  2. Personal Best– I know this is perhaps rarer than Alpha. I want it only for collection purposes but I doubt in my lifetime I will ever get my hands on it.  I swear there’s only 100 copies in existence. ( don’t quote me on that!) The cd is even harder to get. I don’t quite know the story behind this album and why it’s so rare. I always have a secret hope I would find it in some bargain bin somewhere because no one knows of it’s worth.
  3. And the Winner is… – I want this album purely because it’s my favorite pre EMI album. So many gems, especially the underrated “Corozan Abandonado”.  I havn’t seen it on Ebay for a couple of years now.
  4. Cara/Freddie Records singles–  I absolutely love the history behind these. You can tell it was recorded at an old studio somewhere. They sound a little tinny and the band sounds mostly amateur. But I can admit even though she was between 9-15 years old, her voice still gave me goosebumps. Se Acabo el Amor does it every time for me.  On a side note- does anyone actually have the El Super Frik/Soy Feliz single? Sometimes I feel like it’s just an urban legend!
  5. Preciosa– I’d say this is probably the “easiest” record to find, and I use that term loosely.  I’ve always loved the cover because it just screams “1988” and the fact she actually looks older at 17 than she did at 23. But there’s a lot of great songs on here like “Terco Corozon” and “Sabes.”

There’s a few more out there like the South American pressing of Amor Prohibido, Como La Flor, the self tited EMI  album and even Dreaming of You is floating around out there on vinyl. I’d always welcome them in my collection as well. But for now, I’ll admire through photos and keep on searching.

4 thoughts on “My top 5 Selena record wishlist.”

  1. I have a 45 record singles Cara records soy feliz side B and encontre el amor side A. And I can’t seem to find it anywhere to get more info on it and price. I have not seen the single soy feliz/ el super frik.


    1. Waaaaait a second! You own Encontre El Amor? Do a favour and upload it on YouTube! Fans have been dying to hear this song! It can’t be found anywhere
      . Its literally the only Selena song I’ve never heard. It’s probably worth around 150-200. That’s what Cara Record singles tend to go for on eBay. Maybe more for that one because its impossible to find.
      If you ever want more info, you can message Mr Q on Facebook. He actually answers a lot of questions !


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