I think we need some fresh new Selena releases.

I do appreciate the fact they have made some “best of” albums just to keep the legacy alive. How many more compilations  or “best of” albums can possibly be released? At this point, there are more of those than actual full length albums from her. I know it’s pretty much out of the family’s control and more on the record company. But there is so much  potential for other releases  Why do we need to keep releasing the same songs?

I have some ideas…just in case they are short of them.

  • Tejano Music Award Performances. I know there’s  a ton of footage out there that goes back to 1986. It all has great audio and crisp video and best of all, it was always live.  Why not make a dvd or Itunes release of her live performances on there? A lot of those are classic performances.
  • Another Remix album. I seriously loved Enamorada De Ti. I think it was the best release since the Anthology.  We could always use more remix albums as the music has so much potential. Some songs like “Aunque No Salga el Sol” or “Que” could be (more) amazing with a little updating. Even if they just did an acoustic album. Less is more, right? I loved what they did with “Corbade” and “No Quiero Saber” on the last album. It really showcased her voice.
  •  A book written by a family member or band member about touring.  Imagine all the great stories they would have to share about not just Selena but the entire band being on the road.  There’s a small 20 minute interview/documentary called “Selena Queen of Tejano” and they speak of how they met Pete Astudillo, how they had to set up the stage themselves, and bathing in the bathrooms at early gigs. I think it would be interesting to see more in depth of what the band did as a whole.
  • A hardcover coffeetable book of photos.   I am pretty sure I have never seen a bad or unflattering photo of her.  She had so many different styles and looks throughout the years.  They don’t need to be personal family photos or photos we’ve all seen a million times (we don’t need to see the Agree Shampoo photos again) I’m saying more of professional  concert photos, backstage or magazine shoots or maybe even some of her designs as they have up in the museum. Maybe make it a limited edition just for fun. Why not?

I know this is all probably just wishful thinking as a lot of these sort of releases are for more of the hardcore fans and not just the people who like “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”.  Let me dream, alright?

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