The mystery of the 1994 Houston Astrodome concert.

Houston Livestock Show. 1994.  We’ve seen small clips on Selena tv specials and documentaries. The white bustier with white pants -only Selena could pull that look off.  Every fan knows that outfit. We’ve heard clips of Como La Flor and Amor Prohibido but they are only small teasers of what perhaps is one of her best performances.

But we will never know. It was never released in full.

Why is this concert so mysterious? Why are fans so obsessed with it and demand it be released? Why this concert and not others?

Fans have asked the family numerous times to put it on dvd or just on Youtube but they won’t. When I visited the museum a few years back I asked. He said it’s purely because the audio is terrible. It echoes and the acoustics in the Astrodome are awful. They didn’t have the concert set up to record audio. To them, it was just another concert.

I also wonder if they just don’t own the rights to the show. I know the reason they won’t release the Selena Live! one is because they don’t own the footage. And it costs money to obtain the footage from whoever recorded it. If it costs too much to obtain it, probably isn’t a smooth business move if they aren’t going to make a profit. People tend to forget that Q Productions needs to make money. It’s not just a machine that manufactures Selena releases unfortunately. (although I’m sure she is their best seller)  But I can imagine this making tons of money considering the demand.

As much as I would love this concert to be released, it would be rather disappointing to watch it when it has incredibly bad audio. Then again, most of the footage we watch now on Youtube is of lower quality due to ripping it off an old VHS from 24 years ago. Do fans even notice at this point? We never expect great quality footage! When you finally find some HQ footage, it’s like finding a hidden treasure.

But it’s different if a company  (not to mention, the company her family owns) releases it- they don’t want to look unprofessional. I get that. But c’mon…we won’t mind! I promise!

I still wonder why fans are so fond  of this particular concert. Maybe it’s just because we’ve seen so many pictures of it and it’s one of her signature outfits yet have actually heard it. Perhaps we want to match the music with that outfit. Kind of like when you think of that purple disco outfit from the 1995 Astrodome show, you probably think of the “Disco Medley”. When I see the cow print outfits, I always think of her 1991 San Antonio concert and seeing her do all those 90’s dance moves. I don’t have any real association with this concert other than it’s the concert no one has seen.

I guess the solution is for someone to get their hands on it somehow and post it. The chances of that happening…probably zero. Unless someone else has a solution? Maybe it’s time for another petition! They seem to be working lately 😉


13 thoughts on “The mystery of the 1994 Houston Astrodome concert.”

  1. In response, to your comments regarding the 1994 Houston Astrodome Concert. Sometimes it’s just best to leave things alone! As it was explained, to you by the family the audio and acoustics at the time were of poor quality, during this Selena’s concert. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter…who owns the footage because with today’s high technology in the recording music business and their prices it “WILL” Cost a lot of money to remix and/or enhance the quality of this particular Selena concert. Again, as a long-time (Selena y Los Dinos) Fan and “financial supporter,” I’m telling you sometimes it’s just best to let certain things in this (Evil World) be!!!


    1. Good point about the cost to remix it. I didn’t even think of that. But I wouldn’t mind to see it just once…just to feed my curiosity! I’m not “dying” to see it. I’d rather see a live performance of Ya No to be honest 😉 (if such a thing exists)


  2. ^a live performance of Ya No would be amazing to see.. come to think of it, did she EVER perform it?

    And I just want to SEE this performance, i don’t care about bad audio.


  3. I’ve always wanted to hear Ya No live…it’s one of my favorite songs.
    I agree as well about the Astrodome 94′. I would love to see it. She was truly at her most radiant physical beauty at this time.
    I have also always wanted to hear the 1994 TMA No Me Queda Mas live performance that we see her hologram perform. And I finally found 50% of it on youtube in 2015 I was so happy haha.


  4. HOLA espero que les sirva mi idea ,podría ser de quese restaure la imagen del vídeo, pero si la acústica es mala,que se coloquen audios de otros conciertos como el de acapulco de 1994,o el concierto en far west rodeo.espero que esta idea les sirva y puedan realizar este concierto


  5. Actually, I’ve read online that she in fact performed Ya No at the 1994 Astrodome concert. So that would be a double win!


  6. According to Selena’s father, the concert will be released this year along with another never-before-seen concert. As for hearing Ya No live; Chris has said in an interview that he doesn’t recall them performing Ya No live before. So, it may not have been performed that night. A.B. said in an interview that the reason this concert took so long is because there was “only one line going out so he had to recreate all the instrumentation” because it was not set up to be recorded like the 1995 one. Q productions Facebook has a clip of “Yo Me Voy” from this performance up on their page. But this is exciting! After so many years we will finally be able to see this concert in all its glory.


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