These Selena rumors need to stop.

Here’s some advice – don’t ever read the comments section on Youtube or articles on Selena.  Even Selena’s official Facebook page isn’t safe.

Over the years,  I’ve heard my fair share of Selena rumors and misinformation . You will come across the most outrageous statements.  There’s been some that just have not died. They are still circulating and going strong…21 years later. Let’s have a look.

Selena died because Abraham refused a blood transfusion because she was a Jehovah’s Witness

My goodness. I swear I see this one mentioned once a day. At least. The amount of fans who still  believe this astounds me. This was started by a tabloid shortly after her death. If people would just take a few minutes to google, they could get to the bottom of it.

But before we even think to google, let’s just think about this  in a logical sense for just a second. Why would they wait til they got to the hospital to do any kind of lifesaving action? Also why would they need to ask her father for any kind of permission or opinion when she was a 23 year old married woman?  He has no say. It is true that her father said she wouldn’t want one after the doctor mentioned they performed one but it doesn’t stop the doctor from doing it.  But it was after the fact and she had already passed.

The court transcripts describe in detail what happened on that day. The doctor who performed emergency surgery was a witness during the trial along with a paramedic and the hotel clerk who attempted to help her.  There’s also multiple interviews on various TV specials where they explain what life saving measures they attempted before they arrived at the hospital. Unfortunately, chances are she passed away before she even left the hotel. The hotel clerk goes into detail on what he witnessed in the hotel lobby.

The doctor who performed surgery also has said, “It was my professional opinion it was futile to continue.” On cross-examination, defense lawyers asked Elkins whether Selena’s father and manager, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., had insisted doctors stop giving his daughter blood, citing his religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness.

The surgeon said he was unaware of Quintanilla’s request and that, even if he had been informed of it, he would have continued the blood transfusions. “Although I respect her faith, she did not have the opportunity to tell me to discontinue that treatment,”Elkins said of Selena. But he added that no amount of blood would have brought the singer back to life.


Dr.  Louis Elkins testimony (The surgeon who performed on her at the hospital)

Richard Fredrickon testimony (paramedic on the scene)

Famous Crime Scene episode

Selena was beyond aid, doctor said. (newspaper article)


So no, her father didn’t kill her. We all know who killed her.

Selena had an affair with a doctor in Mexico.

This one stems from Yolanda and  Dr Martinez, a doctor who has claimed to perform liposuction on her in Monterrey. Why anyone would listen to a word Yolanda says when she hasn’t proved herself trustworthy in any shape or form is beyond me. The “proof” is her traveling back and forth to Monterrey and some supposed diary that doesn’t exist. There is just nothing to support this claim. Yes, she was traveling back and forth but she was in the midst of trying to open another boutique down there.

So what we are going on are accounts from someone who is a pathological liar who changes her story every few years, a diary that doesn’t exist and a doctor who decided to “speak up” 20 years later on a tabloid news show. Who are fans willing to believe? I’m not one of those fans who treat Selena as a saint. But this has absolutely nothing to back it up.

An episode of “Behind the Music”  on VH1 that investigated this “secret”diary that supposedly reveals everything. They even went all the way down to Mexico to find it as per instructions from Yolanda. It was not found. No surprises there. Unfortunately that video is no longer on Youtube.

Selena was pregnant when she died.

I’m not even sure where this one started from. I’m assuming once again from Yolanda. For what I’ve gathered, she’s mentioned it in interviews but those interviews are in Spanish so I’m unable to understand.

But if she was, we would of known by her autopsy report as it would of been used in court. Not only that, Chris mentions she was not in his book, “To Selena, with Love”. His mother asked as she came across her folic acid tablets.

So why exactly do fans believe all of this?  Why are they getting their information from the person who caused the tragedy and tabloids? Maybe they just like the drama?

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Do some research before you believe what selenafan23 said in the comments section.