Selena is finally getting her Hollywood Star. Here’s why it probably took so long.


“It’s about damn time.”

Other than cheers and the congratulations, that’s been the most common response to the news that  Selena getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  It was announced last week that she will be getting it sometime in 2017 along with a variety of other celebrities.

It’s been years in the making. There’s been online petitions circulating the internet for awhile now.  If you go to any Selena Facebook group or online forum, no doubt you will see people expressing why she deserves one. She’s made a huge impact in the music world and opened doors for other Latin artists so why is she just being recognized now?

What I think most fans don’t understand is that it’s not something you just get because fans petitioned for it nor is it something that some big wig in Hollywood just decides. Or that you just get because you think they are famous enough. Julia Roberts and George Clooney don’t even have one! Not because they aren’t well known enough (obviously) but because there’s an entire process involved. It  involves an application, interviewing, voting and money- $30,000 to be exact. Although many argue that sure, the Quintanillas probably have some cash for it but is it worth it?

I’ve read many replies from when fans ask him on the chat section where Mr. Quintanilla has previously said he didn’t want her to have one because it’s basically “buying” her one when she didn’t need to have a star “bought” in order to recognize her achievements and legacy. I completely agree with that. She’s been gone from us for 21 years now and has a bigger fan base than ever. All without the star.

And well, have you been to Hollywood Walk of Fame? It’s not exactly the nicest place 😉

I get it that fans want her name in Hollywood along with the other 2500+ stars. She’s a star too afterall, right?  She earned it! I mean, c’mon…Pee Wee Herman has one. Kermit the Frog does too and he’s not even real. It does show a huge achievement for her as she worked hard and left a tremendous mark on the industry and shows she has no doubt crossed over. But a star isn’t going to prove that. She has been beyond that. The fact she is still making the news and trending on a frequent basis and still getting new releases says a lot about her and her growing legacy. I bet most of the stars on that sidewalk who have passed away can’t say that.

Don’t get me wrong! I am happy about this news and excited along with all the other fans. I am also surprised that her family has had a change of heart when it came to this.

So yes, it is about time she received one however, even if she never did, it wouldn’t matter. Selena would still be making the headlines.