What we need at Fiesta De La Flor

Fiesta De La Flor 2017 is coming soon!

It’s coming back for it’s third year. The past two have been incredibly successful and brought in over 50,000 people. Her fan base is as strong and as dedicated as ever!

Personally I haven’t gone yet. It’s a bit of travel for me since I live in Australia now. I’ve read of many people’s experiences and it sounds like an absolute ball.

However I do feel there’s so much more you can do with it. I know  some of it costs money and resources but hey, let me dream!


Instead of showing the movie, show Selena in concert

I understand the importance of the movie. I think it’s been a huge reason why she’s still as popular as she is and how she is constantly gaining new fans.  But let’s be honest…guarantee all the fans who took time out to come out to this festival has seen the movie approximately 1200 times and have it memorised word for word. It was probably on  22 times on VH1 just this weekend.

Let’s get together and watch the real Selena at her best. Perhaps show one of the Astrodome concerts or the 1991 San Antonio show.  Put it up on the big screen and have everyone watch it on the lawn. It would almost feel like she’s there live. If they can’t do a big set up, maybe have a tent set up that has showings of various concerts or clips. A lot of fans haven’t sat down and actually watched a performance from beginning to end.

Maybe use this opportunity to present the 1994 Astrodome concert 😉



Costume Contest

One of my favorite things about the festival is seeing all the elaborate costumes. It’s like going to Comic Con. How fun would it be to have people parade the best outfits and looks on stage and win a prize for their efforts?


Interactive Display

In a giant tent or trailer, have some interactive displays,  listening stations of her old early stuff as a child, and maybe some of her  personal items. Basically a mini museum. But start from her early life and as you walk through, it covers her career and life with photos and music. I’m sure new and old fans would learn something. And it’s a way to escape the massive crowds!


Selena Panels

This one is for my “nerdy” side and doubt it would never fly but in my perfect world, I would love to see a Selena “panel” that you can attend. For those who don’t know, it’s an event where you gather people together and listen to someone speak about a subject and tend to have a Q & A.  It would have an “expert” speak and take questions on various topics like Selena’s early music or her time at Selena Etc (like a previous employee..maybe Martin Gomez, the designer she worked with?) . Just to share some stories and answer questions.

There’s so much possibility for this event. I know it’s not all feasible but as a long time fan, I’d love to see more things to honor her and her life. I’m perfectly content the way it is but it can’t hurt to add more.

Let me know if you have any ideas! I’d love to hear them 🙂

4 thoughts on “What we need at Fiesta De La Flor”

  1. I love the costume contest idea! So many people with so many handmade outfits that resembled Selena’s. Especially the little kids who went all out. I’ve attended all the festivals and last year I actually seen a little boy with a guitar hero guitar playing along with the music. He wasn’t dressed up or anything, just rocking out. I would like to see more chris inspired outfits for boys and men. A couple contest for kids and adults. Even if people could get together and recreate he entire BAND with outfits and everything. That would AMAZING!


  2. i totally agree with the costume contest ive gone the 2 yrs and not knowing that me making my daughters outfit was going to be such a great hit! i also think letting some of these selena lovers sing and dance on stage my 7 yrs has been wanting to do it all the time.


  3. Selena fans are definetely the best fans anywhere! I love this so much. I think you have some amazing ideas and I hope they are considered this year…and in years to come! I recently had the opportunity to attend the wax figure unveiling in Hollywood and it is an experience I will NEVER forget. I went solo but as soon as I got there I was with hundreds of Selena fans who made me feel like family. We sat on the curb overnight waiting to secure our spots to get a pass to be part of the unveiling…and every single moment that was spent out there was completely worth it.
    Selena fans stood up all night. We sang along to her music, we talked about all the amazing concerts, we even read chapters from Chris’ book…it was amazing and completely unforgettable.
    That night we all realized just how much Selena’s legacy means to the world. I would love to see some of that shared at FDLF.
    All the little things about her that the younger generations don’t know yet…
    Her sense of humor
    Her ability to captivate an audience
    Her heart…

    This will be the first year I FINALLY get to attend FDLF and I can hardly contain myself. I am a singer from CA and my band does a tribute show to honor her memory every year. It always amazes me how many fans are drawn to her legacy and it humbles me each and every time. I look forward to someday singing at FDLF…but for now I am just happy to keep her memory alive and share what she has created.

    I absolutely LOVE your idea of putting her concerts up on the big screen. Maybe it can be done even with a live band playing along to the footage and setting up the surrounding areas with a dance floor so people can dance and sing along. I find that when I am on stage singing her music…the entire crowd sings the songs with me!! I say let’em go for it!!

    I have also been to an event in LA called The Selena Fan Gathering…one of the events is a washing machine contest. They also do a Selena dance off as well! It is so fun!

    I can go on forever and ever…but I just want to thank you for helping to spread the love and light that is Selena. She represents so much heart and so much grace.
    Here is a clip from one of our shows

    …con tanto amor 🌹💜


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