Rare Selena moments we are still waiting to see.

I’ve been around Selena fan sites and groups for over 20 years. You think you’ve seen it all but then you get surprised at some of the things that show up on Instagram or Youtube or among Selena pages on Facebook. New photos and performances pop up when you least expect it.

But there’s a few things that have yet to surface. Now the 1994 Houston Astrodome I’ve touched on before.  I’m going to touch on other events that have yet to surface.

A live performance of Ya No

In 1994-1995, Selena was on top of the charts with her “Amor Prohibido” album.  She performed all of the  songs off this album at her shows  ….except “Ya No”. I’ve heard rumours among fans that she did perform this at some point. But I have yet to see any proof of it. We do have a clip  (at about the 44 second mark) of her recording it so that’s as close as we are going to get.


I wonder why she rarely or never performed it? Maybe just felt the crowd wasn’t feeling it? AB has said they often didn’t have a set list.   They would get a feel for the crowd and go by that. “Ya No” didn’t really have a tejano sound and she typically did dances so maybe that’s why.  Complete fan theory here!

Jaci Velasquez and Selena performing together

For anyone that doesn’t know,  Jaci Velasquez is a contemporary Christian music artist. She’s been around since the mid 1990’s and still popular today.  In fact,  I have a few of her albums! She often gets compared to Selena for breaking down barriers for Latinas but in the Christian music market.

According to this interview (shown here at 1:33) , Jaci and Selena once performed at the same event back in 1994. And not only that, there’s a good chance they sung ‘More than Words” together as she said it was an Extreme song …and that’s their most popular song 🙂

Of course, this probably was not taped as there is no sign of this. But this would be such a treat to see. Plus fans have been wanting to hear Selena sing that song as it’s known to be her favorite. I’m sure Jaci’s sweet soothing voice along side Selena’s would of been beautiful 🙂 If anyone was there or has video of this, I wish they would share it or at least tell us about it 🙂

The song  “Encontre El Amor”

Thanks to Youtube and Selenaqradio.com, we now have access to virtually every one of Selena’s songs in her catalog going back to around 1980….all for free! If this was around when I was younger, this would of blown my mind. It was difficult to find a lot of songs from certain albums, especially from the 1980’s as they were already out of print for years.

There’s a series of songs from her early career that were only on 45s as promos or singles with Cara Records. One of them are “Encontre El Amor.”  We have about a 10 second snippet of it and that’s all. It’s shown here at the 20 second mark.


I’ve never seen a copy of this song on a 45 on Ebay. Nor have I seen a photo of it. Maybe the Quintanillas don’t even have it. So this has yet to be heard in full by most fans.  I’m just  crossing my fingers they quietly release it on her selenaqradio.com like they did with “Soy Feliz” and “El Super Frik.”

“No Me Queda Mas” at the 1994 TMA awards


UPDATE: We finally got to see it!

Now this. This HAS to exist somewhere. We have a grainy clip of it here:

Also there’s great quality footage of it on this music video where they edited her in at 2:09:

We do have the performance of “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and her duet with the Barrio Boyzz but for some reason, this hasn’t surfaced in full. I’m thinking it was only shown on TV back in 1994 and hasn’t been shown since whereas the other performances were on VHS and were shown frequently after her passing.

The Tejano Music Awards people should set up a youtube channel and show all her performances. There’s also a couple more that haven’t been either broadcasted or uploaded. This is the kind of stuff fans want to see!

A full photo of Selena at the 1995 Grammys

In 1994, Selena won a Grammy for her “Live” album. Everyone knows that dress.

But in 1995, she was nominated for another Grammy for her “Amor Prohibido” album. Unfortunately she did not win. We have some photos of that night and even a 3 second video of her walking the red carpet. But I have yet to see a full genuine photo of her in the dress.


There’s a photoshopped one floating around where they combine a photo of the dress at the museum with a photo of her in the dress from the waist up. I suppose it gives you the idea. It just surprises me that this, being such a big event for any musician or artist, that there’s not many photos from this night. It’s a shame because she looked so timeless and stunning.

Is there any event or photo or song you are dying to hear? Or maybe after many years you finally came across something you were looking for? Let me know! I love to learn and discuss about this topic.