Maria Celeste’s book “Selena’s Secret” is pure garbage. But she could have told a good story.

Let’s all get on the same page and all agree that Maria Celeste’s book “Selena’s Secret” is a piece of trash. Ok? Good.

But that isn’t stopping the Telemundo network from making a mini series based on this book despite fans saying they won’t be watching. The trailer has been posted on Youtube.

Before we go any further, my goal is to keep this place as positive as possible and not talk about the events that took place that ended Selena’s life. I figured the media has reported on that enough and doesn’t focus on her as a person and her accomplishments and just who she was day to day. However, I need to speak up.

For anyone that is not familiar, this was a book that was released about 20 years ago that tries to paint Selena as unhappy and as if she was living a secret double life. They also hint at other things such as a secret affair with some doctor in Mexico.

The book is very poorly written (and I honestly don’t say that just as a fan) and the main focus is on her interview with Yolanda and also spends pages bragging about herself such as when people asked for her autograph at the hearing and how Yolanda only wanted to interview with her. It’s actually quite bizarre how much Maria focuses on herself in it instead of the topic at hand. She also claims Yolanda told her the “secret” but won’t tell anyone what is is. *insert eyeroll* because a secret will justify killing someone, right?  Moving on….

But Maria missed out on a huge opportunity. 

Maria was a part of the media frenzy after it all took place in March 1995. She got to report on the details as it happened and witnessed the aftermath. This was going to be a huge part of music history and she was RIGHT in the centre of it.

Maria also had access to the courtroom. There were no cameras allowed. Not many reporters were allowed inside. She also got to speak with the lawyers during recesses and had smoking breaks with them. She would have some interesting insight to what happened. I’ve researched a bit and there’s not a lot of stories and accounts on what happened behind those courtroom doors.

But instead of focusing on the story of that, she focuses on the last person who needs attention in any of this…Yolanda.

Perhaps an unpopular opinion but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with interviewing Yolanda.  People are curious on what lead her to what she did and want some kind of explanation to know what happened behind those doors. She’s the only person on earth who truly knows what happened and fans want answers. But as we know from all her interviews, we will never get an answer. She changes her story every single time.   But Maria seems to actually believe her story and doesn’t seem to challenge Yolanda on anything despite the inconsistencies in it and lack of proof. Any serious journalist would of done that. She gives Yolanda a voice. And she runs with it. Did she forget she’s a pathological liar?

But at this point, Yolanda doesn’t need anymore attention.  Especially an entire television show about her. She’s had plenty the past 22 years and seems to feed off of it. After all, now she has her wish and she will be connected to Selena forever.

Maria could of made something great. You know what more fans would of appreciated and maybe even people outside of the Selena fan base? If we are solely looking at the aftermath of what happened, a well made television series of the media’s focus and fascination of Selena and the court case.  We could of had a behind the scenes look at the lawyers involved and how they emotionally handled the case, the jurors, her family’s reaction in the courtroom…the possibilities are endless. Imagine if FX or HBO did a mini series on this. Last year FX made a fantastic version for the OJ Simpson case. It wasn’t a tabloid style movie based on drama. It was based on facts. It wasn’t sensationalised. It was respectful to the families involved and told a story and had legit actors.  Personally, I appreciate tv specials that focus more about her actual life and achievements but if they were to go this route, at least keep it classy out of respect for Selena. She isn’t here to defend herself.

Instead…we seem to be getting a Lifetime style movie with a small budget that’s full of bad wigs…

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You missed your chance Maria! And please fire whoever is in charge of wigs. Thx.