Selena: the Series is about to drop! but please …don’t be this type of fan.


The Selena Netflix series is within reach! We’ve been hearing about it for two years but it’s almost here!

But as anticipated and because this is the internet, of course there’s plenty of fans complaining. Because that’s what the internet likes to do.

Stop Comparing this to the Selena Movie

These are two completely different ways of telling her story.

The movie was more focused on her 90’s career. The series is taking a deep dive into her ENTIRE career…especially a huge focus on her 80’s career and her overall journey in detail. Who would have thought we would ever get a series re-enacting her TMA moments? Or her 1989 album shoot? I would have never imagined it! There’s no need to compare them. They each have their place and purpose and can be appreciated for what they are.

Don’t be the person who dissects every tiny detail

“Selena didn’t wear that outfit at that exact moment in time!”

“Selena didn’t say it EXACTLY like that…”

“That’s not EXACTLY what happened…”

This is a television show. Sometimes things need to be slightly changed for storytelling and entertainment reasons. Sometimes the actors interpret things differently. Sometimes certain things are exaggerated for dramatic effect.

The movie had TONS of inconsistencies. I can think of 10 just at the top of my head. And that’s okay. It still got her main story across and introduced Selena and her music to millions of people.

Every single biopic ever has had scenes that aren’t 100% accurate. This isn’t a complete re-enactment of her life. It’s an overall story of her life.

It is fun to point out scenes that played out differently in real life though. But don’t get hung up on it and enjoy the series.

Let’s not make this a Christian Serratos VS. Jlo competition please

I know it’s hard not to compare when we’ve associated Jlo with Selena for 23 years now . But not everything has to be a competition. They both have deep love and respect for Selena and interpreted her character how they saw fit. You may end up having a preference and that’s obviously fine. But try not to get wrapped up and compare them.

Can we please stop making this a drama about Chris vs the Quintanilla Family?

It’s getting old guys. That’s their beef. That’s all I’ll say about this.

You aren’t obligated to watch it.

You don’t have to love it.

You don’t have to like the cast. Or the acting. You don’t have to love every release to be a “true” fan. I mean I’m honestly over all of the cups getting released at the Stripes gas stations . But I’m not going to sit on Instagram and complain about it any time they post anything. Or go rain on everyone’s parade that’s looking forward to it.

If you’re not happy with what you’ve seen so far, don’t watch. Don’t waste your energy hating on something that’s already been made and going to air. Go find something you enjoy and put your energy into that. This series was done with love and we are so so lucky to get something that goes into such detail.

I feel like everyone else has got their things to “nerd” out about…that being Star Wars movies, Game of Thrones, Disney stuff and so on. Finally…something for Selena “nerds” like me who have a huge fascination for her old 80’s music and career ❤

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