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Selena: the Series is about to drop! but please …don’t be this type of fan.


The Selena Netflix series is within reach! We’ve been hearing about it for two years but it’s almost here!

But as anticipated and because this is the internet, of course there’s plenty of fans complaining. Because that’s what the internet likes to do.

Stop Comparing this to the Selena Movie

These are two completely different ways of telling her story.

The movie was more focused on her 90’s career. The series is taking a deep dive into her ENTIRE career…especially a huge focus on her 80’s career and her overall journey in detail. Who would have thought we would ever get a series re-enacting her TMA moments? Or her 1989 album shoot? I would have never imagined it! There’s no need to compare them. They each have their place and purpose and can be appreciated for what they are.

Don’t be the person who dissects every tiny detail

“Selena didn’t wear that outfit at that exact moment in time!”

“Selena didn’t say it EXACTLY like that…”

“That’s not EXACTLY what happened…”

This is a television show. Sometimes things need to be slightly changed for storytelling and entertainment reasons. Sometimes the actors interpret things differently. Sometimes certain things are exaggerated for dramatic effect.

The movie had TONS of inconsistencies. I can think of 10 just at the top of my head. And that’s okay. It still got her main story across and introduced Selena and her music to millions of people.

Every single biopic ever has had scenes that aren’t 100% accurate. This isn’t a complete re-enactment of her life. It’s an overall story of her life.

It is fun to point out scenes that played out differently in real life though. But don’t get hung up on it and enjoy the series.

Let’s not make this a Christian Serratos VS. Jlo competition please

I know it’s hard not to compare when we’ve associated Jlo with Selena for 23 years now . But not everything has to be a competition. They both have deep love and respect for Selena and interpreted her character how they saw fit. You may end up having a preference and that’s obviously fine. But try not to get wrapped up and compare them.

Can we please stop making this a drama about Chris vs the Quintanilla Family?

It’s getting old guys. That’s their beef. That’s all I’ll say about this.

You aren’t obligated to watch it.

You don’t have to love it.

You don’t have to like the cast. Or the acting. You don’t have to love every release to be a “true” fan. I mean I’m honestly over all of the cups getting released at the Stripes gas stations . But I’m not going to sit on Instagram and complain about it any time they post anything. Or go rain on everyone’s parade that’s looking forward to it.

If you’re not happy with what you’ve seen so far, don’t watch. Don’t waste your energy hating on something that’s already been made and going to air. Go find something you enjoy and put your energy into that. This series was done with love and we are so so lucky to get something that goes into such detail.

I feel like everyone else has got their things to “nerd” out about…that being Star Wars movies, Game of Thrones, Disney stuff and so on. Finally…something for Selena “nerds” like me who have a huge fascination for her old 80’s music and career ❤

What we need to see in the new Selena Netflix Series

The biggest piece of Selena news in 2018 was the announcement of the Netflix series.       


I don’t know about you but I didn’t see this coming at all! 

But my first initial thoughts were “Now didn’t we already have this with the movie?” and thought for a split second that maybe this was overkill. 

Then I thought about it- The movie is a little over 2 hours in length. How much of her life did they really capture? They hit some major points like the band starting out, Selena and Chris and her English album. But there are so many other significant parts that they either skipped over or spent a few minutes on due to time.  Imagine the stories they can share over a mini-series! 

Let’s have a look at some major points in her life that the movie didn’t have time to explore. 

The early touring years

Now the movie did touch on the start of their career as a child, but they didn’t go into detail of their early gigs. They have her up singing at Papagayos,  some local fair and a montage of her singing at various events. I’d love to see the actual hardships of touring at the start. There are stories I’ve heard over the years with interviews of band members recalling having to take “showers” in gas station bathrooms, eating hot dogs and beans out of the can for dinner and their homemade light setups made with aluminium cans. Seeing the Quintanillas struggle and then slowly make their way to the top would make for some great binge material.

Her entire mid-1980’s career 

From 1986-1989, Selena had a new album out every year.  They weren’t multi-platinum albums but they created a name for the Dinos and some Tejano hits for her.  This is the period of time where she was doing covers of Janet Jackson, Debbie Gibson and yet was still doing some traditional Tejano. She was starting to dominate the Tejano Music Awards and really find her style and become truly comfortable on stage.  This part of her career is usually overshadowed but I think this is the time where some of her best, catchy, but lesser known tunes came out. (Corazoncito or Soy Amiga anyone?)  Plus that hair. I need to see someone else rock that 80’s perm. 

Getting the EMI Latin contract


Once again, this is a huge part of her career that wasn’t touched on in the movie. Although there is a deleted scene on the DVD of them getting a call about it. I’m surprised it wasn’t included.

This showed that all their persistence paid off and opened doors into new places like Latin America and eventually into mainstream pop music. This was exactly what they were working for.  They weren’t just a Tejano band out of Texas anymore but an international act.  I’d love to see a scene of her getting the news or recording it or seeing the finished product. 

Her good and bad days

Something I loved about Chris’s book was him showing the human side of her. Now don’t get me wrong, she was a lovely and kind person. But like any other person, she had her bad days and I’m sure some quirks. Some of the stories that I think really humanised her was her and Chris fighting on the bus and her telling Chris to throw out a cd because the cover was “evil”.  I love these little stories about her to make her seem easier to relate to.

It probably won’t happen as I know the family likes to keep her image as cheerful and positive as possible which is fine and totally up to them.  

The Aftermath  

Ok so maybe this is just me. The movie shows that she died and a nice tribute and it ends there. Now don’t get me wrong, I liked the way they chose to wrap it up. But I’d love for them to showcase how the media exploded at the time of her passing and how she still has a huge part in pop culture. I’m not saying we need a play by play of the court sessions but it would be fascinating  to see a peek into the Quintanilla’s life afterward and how she’s still very much present today.

Keep in mind this is not meant to be released til 2020  so we have a while to go. I cannot wait to  see the casting choices.  Fans are so used to associating her with Jennifer Lopez so it’s going to be an interesting shift to add another actress to it.  Those are going to be big shoes to fill but it’s going to be such an amazing opportunity for some Latina actress out there!

Is there any parts of her life that you want to see played out? I’d love to hear it ❤

Selena HEB bags were a success…but not with the fans.

It’s happened again. The HEB Selena Foundation bags were sold out within hours.

It’s a familiar sight. The Mac collection sold out within hours online and in store. It was the fastest selling line in their history.  Last year, Stripes stores around Texas sold Selena cups and once again, sold out within a day.  Selena’s Hollywood star event was the most attended Hollywood star event ever.

Do you see a trend yet 😉

Selena has a huge demand. 

So why do these companies make such small quantities? Fans lined up for their chance to get a bag but many stores had only 500 bags or less!  The website crashed from too much traffic.  Many had the items in their shopping cart but then it would say it was sold out by the time they went to put their credit card information in.

Have we not learned our lesson from the  last two releases?  They underestimate her faithful fan base.

And then this happens…

” Fans”  buy up this stuff and then attempt to resell it for ridiculous prices. No one is going to buy your 2 dollar reusable grocery bag for 1000 dollars. No one. There’s Stripes cups still sitting on Ebay from last year for 100+ dollars and no one is biting. Why? Because there’s lots of them. Supply and demand. If there’s 200 listings for something, it’s not really “rare” is it?  Real rare Selena items are her old LPs from the 1980’s, her autograph or the Coca Cola stand ups. People will pay good money because they are genuinely rare and hard to find. But meanwhile there’s  still people trying to sell Mac stuff for hundreds and it just sits there and collects dust because there’s hundreds of listings. Then no one gets to enjoy it.

So what can they do about it? Maybe they need to start selling these sorts of items OUTSIDE of Texas so it’s not so limited. Selena has fans all over the United States and world. Although HEB did have online ordering, they did not have the capacity to handle all the web traffic. Also HEB doesn’t ship overseas or California.

This was obviously a huge success. Why not keep this a regular thing to raise money for the Selena Foundation? At 2 bucks a bag, they’ll be raising thousands for charity.

Also, keep in mind guys in the end, it’s just a bag. It’s a cute bag, don’t get me wrong. But remember there’s a lot of great Selena merchandise nowadays at Q Productions and Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters etc.

So congrats to those who were lucky to get one! But if you didn’t, please don’t spend 50 dollars to get one. Don’t give those sellers the satisfaction 😉



The evolution of Selena

Back in the 90’s, the media would often refer to Selena as the “Mexican Madonna.”  I always figured they meant that because of her stage clothes and costumes.  But that statement was a bit off target as she was never over the top or raunchy.

However another interpretation I’ve heard is that it’s the fact she constantly reinvented herself and her music.

When people think of Selena, they probably picture her with long black hair, hoop earrings and bold lipstick singing “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”

Or perhaps they think of her gracing the stage of the Houston Astrodome in her infamous purple jumpsuit.

Selena went through many phases in her fashion and with her music . She kept up with the trends but also added a little personal flair to make it her own.

There’s eras in her career that some people may not know about. They each had their own unique place. Today I’m going to have a quick look back at the various stages of her looks and fashion.



Selena started her career around 1982.  Her fashion was a bit…clunky. But she was still just a kid. And well, sequins were in and the 1980’s were not kind to anyone. But she could pull off that tiny mullet 😉

Musically, the Dinos mostly did cover songs. Everything from Anne Murray’s “You Needed Me”  , Rick James’  Super Freak  and a lot of the original Dinos songs from when her father was in the group back in the 1960’s . They didn’t quite have a distinctive sound yet. But you could still hear the raw emotion in her voice, especially on the ballads.

This clip is one of her first television performances. She was around 11 years old.


Selena was rockin the perm and lots of eyeliner like most teens in the 80s. She kept it modest yet flashy. She was already creating her own outfits by this point and her young budding fashion sense was beginning to show. I always thought she looked older at 16 then she did at 23.

Her first album “Alpha” was also released which gave her a huge boost in her career. This is when she really started to bloom. Her brother AB was now writing for the band and they had some of their own music now. She won her first Tejano Music Award and continued that streak until her passing.

Most of her music was traditional sounding Tejano music so lots of keyboards and accordions. Some of my all time favorite songs came from this period – “Corozoncito” and “Terco Corazón”.

Although she wasn’t dancing all over the stage yet, she was already comfortable performing live by 15.


This era is her most under appreciated and my absolute favorite. Her voice had matured significantly in the past couple of years- at least compared to her first album. While she was making her name in Tejano music, she also did her share of English pop music at her shows. Her dance moves were influenced by Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul and Madonna. And if you caught them at the right gig, she would even have a few backup dancers. She could of totally pulled off a mall tour with Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. (all you younger folks, google them 😉 )

From permed dyed brown hair to a dramatic short cut , she experimented with various looks during this period. I have always adored her bobbed hairstyle. It gave her just a little extra sass.

Selena also introduced the bustier around 1990 and became a staple in her attire.

I wish her cover songs received more recognition.If you ever want to see Selena tear up that stage, have a watch of her singing “Only in my Dreams”, or  “Billie Jean” or “No More Lies” .          .

But my current obsession is her version of Michael Jackson’s  “Don’t Stop til You Get Enough.” It’s not easy to pull off MJ but her voice was made for this song…


At this point in her career, Selena and her band were more focused on cumbias and Tejano music than Top 40 cover songs.  Before she was doing more of hip hop inspired dance moves and now she was dancing more in a traditional style. Sure she would break out her moves now and again with songs like “Enamorada De Ti” but mostly she was jamming out to songs like “Como La Flor” and “La Carcacha” with Pete.

She went from entire outfits to matching blinged-out bustiers and pants. Not every time but it did become a bit more of her signature look.  She mentioned she liked to wear the high waisted black pants as they were slimming and flattering on her hips.

In my mind, this was her most memorable look. If you ever see a sparkly bustier and a newsboy style cap, you’re going to associate that with Selena.

This is classic Selena:




The bustiers were starting to phase out late 1994. Selena began to wear more of jumpsuits and elaborate costumes. She started to use brighter colors and take a few more risks in her outfits. She was already starting her own clothing line and perfume- something that wasn’t really popular among celebrities at that time.  Her boutiques were starting to take off because people were wanting a piece of her flamboyant style.

Selena’s music was in the midst of transitioning from Tejano to more of a Latin sound. Her band now had a percussion section and she welcomed on Freddie and Don to sing backup in Los Dinos. She still kept a bit of the Tejano roots with songs like “Corbade” and “Tus Desprecios” but “Amor Prohibido” and” El Chico Del Apartmento 512″  were showing signs she was heading towards Latin pop now.  She was more than ready for that English crossover album.

As we all know, we only got to hear a small amount of her next big move.

Of course we can only imagine where she would be today. I envision she would of been a huge trendsetter when it comes to fashion, even more so than she is today.

Musically, it’s hard to say. With that voice, she could of done any genre. She was so versatile. Maybe a country album?

Even though her time with us was short, she accomplished so much and has no doubt made a mark in pop culture and it continues to grow every year. To sum up her contributions, I’ll quote Selena herself-

“The goal isn’t to live forever but to create something that will.” 


And she did just that.











Maria Celeste’s book “Selena’s Secret” is pure garbage. But she could have told a good story.

Let’s all get on the same page and all agree that Maria Celeste’s book “Selena’s Secret” is a piece of trash. Ok? Good.

But that isn’t stopping the Telemundo network from making a mini series based on this book despite fans saying they won’t be watching. The trailer has been posted on Youtube.

Before we go any further, my goal is to keep this place as positive as possible and not talk about the events that took place that ended Selena’s life. I figured the media has reported on that enough and doesn’t focus on her as a person and her accomplishments and just who she was day to day. However, I need to speak up.

For anyone that is not familiar, this was a book that was released about 20 years ago that tries to paint Selena as unhappy and as if she was living a secret double life. They also hint at other things such as a secret affair with some doctor in Mexico.

The book is very poorly written (and I honestly don’t say that just as a fan) and the main focus is on her interview with Yolanda and also spends pages bragging about herself such as when people asked for her autograph at the hearing and how Yolanda only wanted to interview with her. It’s actually quite bizarre how much Maria focuses on herself in it instead of the topic at hand. She also claims Yolanda told her the “secret” but won’t tell anyone what is is. *insert eyeroll* because a secret will justify killing someone, right?  Moving on….

But Maria missed out on a huge opportunity. 

Maria was a part of the media frenzy after it all took place in March 1995. She got to report on the details as it happened and witnessed the aftermath. This was going to be a huge part of music history and she was RIGHT in the centre of it.

Maria also had access to the courtroom. There were no cameras allowed. Not many reporters were allowed inside. She also got to speak with the lawyers during recesses and had smoking breaks with them. She would have some interesting insight to what happened. I’ve researched a bit and there’s not a lot of stories and accounts on what happened behind those courtroom doors.

But instead of focusing on the story of that, she focuses on the last person who needs attention in any of this…Yolanda.

Perhaps an unpopular opinion but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with interviewing Yolanda.  People are curious on what lead her to what she did and want some kind of explanation to know what happened behind those doors. She’s the only person on earth who truly knows what happened and fans want answers. But as we know from all her interviews, we will never get an answer. She changes her story every single time.   But Maria seems to actually believe her story and doesn’t seem to challenge Yolanda on anything despite the inconsistencies in it and lack of proof. Any serious journalist would of done that. She gives Yolanda a voice. And she runs with it. Did she forget she’s a pathological liar?

But at this point, Yolanda doesn’t need anymore attention.  Especially an entire television show about her. She’s had plenty the past 22 years and seems to feed off of it. After all, now she has her wish and she will be connected to Selena forever.

Maria could of made something great. You know what more fans would of appreciated and maybe even people outside of the Selena fan base? If we are solely looking at the aftermath of what happened, a well made television series of the media’s focus and fascination of Selena and the court case.  We could of had a behind the scenes look at the lawyers involved and how they emotionally handled the case, the jurors, her family’s reaction in the courtroom…the possibilities are endless. Imagine if FX or HBO did a mini series on this. Last year FX made a fantastic version for the OJ Simpson case. It wasn’t a tabloid style movie based on drama. It was based on facts. It wasn’t sensationalised. It was respectful to the families involved and told a story and had legit actors.  Personally, I appreciate tv specials that focus more about her actual life and achievements but if they were to go this route, at least keep it classy out of respect for Selena. She isn’t here to defend herself.

Instead…we seem to be getting a Lifetime style movie with a small budget that’s full of bad wigs…

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 9.08.13 pm


You missed your chance Maria! And please fire whoever is in charge of wigs. Thx.


Rare Selena moments we are still waiting to see.

I’ve been around Selena fan sites and groups for over 20 years. You think you’ve seen it all but then you get surprised at some of the things that show up on Instagram or Youtube or among Selena pages on Facebook. New photos and performances pop up when you least expect it.

But there’s a few things that have yet to surface. Now the 1994 Houston Astrodome I’ve touched on before.  I’m going to touch on other events that have yet to surface.

A live performance of Ya No

In 1994-1995, Selena was on top of the charts with her “Amor Prohibido” album.  She performed all of the  songs off this album at her shows  ….except “Ya No”. I’ve heard rumours among fans that she did perform this at some point. But I have yet to see any proof of it. We do have a clip  (at about the 44 second mark) of her recording it so that’s as close as we are going to get.


I wonder why she rarely or never performed it? Maybe just felt the crowd wasn’t feeling it? AB has said they often didn’t have a set list.   They would get a feel for the crowd and go by that. “Ya No” didn’t really have a tejano sound and she typically did dances so maybe that’s why.  Complete fan theory here!

Jaci Velasquez and Selena performing together

For anyone that doesn’t know,  Jaci Velasquez is a contemporary Christian music artist. She’s been around since the mid 1990’s and still popular today.  In fact,  I have a few of her albums! She often gets compared to Selena for breaking down barriers for Latinas but in the Christian music market.

According to this interview (shown here at 1:33) , Jaci and Selena once performed at the same event back in 1994. And not only that, there’s a good chance they sung ‘More than Words” together as she said it was an Extreme song …and that’s their most popular song 🙂

Of course, this probably was not taped as there is no sign of this. But this would be such a treat to see. Plus fans have been wanting to hear Selena sing that song as it’s known to be her favorite. I’m sure Jaci’s sweet soothing voice along side Selena’s would of been beautiful 🙂 If anyone was there or has video of this, I wish they would share it or at least tell us about it 🙂

The song  “Encontre El Amor”

Thanks to Youtube and, we now have access to virtually every one of Selena’s songs in her catalog going back to around 1980….all for free! If this was around when I was younger, this would of blown my mind. It was difficult to find a lot of songs from certain albums, especially from the 1980’s as they were already out of print for years.

There’s a series of songs from her early career that were only on 45s as promos or singles with Cara Records. One of them are “Encontre El Amor.”  We have about a 10 second snippet of it and that’s all. It’s shown here at the 20 second mark.


I’ve never seen a copy of this song on a 45 on Ebay. Nor have I seen a photo of it. Maybe the Quintanillas don’t even have it. So this has yet to be heard in full by most fans.  I’m just  crossing my fingers they quietly release it on her like they did with “Soy Feliz” and “El Super Frik.”

“No Me Queda Mas” at the 1994 TMA awards


UPDATE: We finally got to see it!

Now this. This HAS to exist somewhere. We have a grainy clip of it here:

Also there’s great quality footage of it on this music video where they edited her in at 2:09:

We do have the performance of “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and her duet with the Barrio Boyzz but for some reason, this hasn’t surfaced in full. I’m thinking it was only shown on TV back in 1994 and hasn’t been shown since whereas the other performances were on VHS and were shown frequently after her passing.

The Tejano Music Awards people should set up a youtube channel and show all her performances. There’s also a couple more that haven’t been either broadcasted or uploaded. This is the kind of stuff fans want to see!

A full photo of Selena at the 1995 Grammys

In 1994, Selena won a Grammy for her “Live” album. Everyone knows that dress.

But in 1995, she was nominated for another Grammy for her “Amor Prohibido” album. Unfortunately she did not win. We have some photos of that night and even a 3 second video of her walking the red carpet. But I have yet to see a full genuine photo of her in the dress.


There’s a photoshopped one floating around where they combine a photo of the dress at the museum with a photo of her in the dress from the waist up. I suppose it gives you the idea. It just surprises me that this, being such a big event for any musician or artist, that there’s not many photos from this night. It’s a shame because she looked so timeless and stunning.

Is there any event or photo or song you are dying to hear? Or maybe after many years you finally came across something you were looking for? Let me know! I love to learn and discuss about this topic.




What we need at Fiesta De La Flor

Fiesta De La Flor 2017 is coming soon!

It’s coming back for it’s third year. The past two have been incredibly successful and brought in over 50,000 people. Her fan base is as strong and as dedicated as ever!

Personally I haven’t gone yet. It’s a bit of travel for me since I live in Australia now. I’ve read of many people’s experiences and it sounds like an absolute ball.

However I do feel there’s so much more you can do with it. I know  some of it costs money and resources but hey, let me dream!


Instead of showing the movie, show Selena in concert

I understand the importance of the movie. I think it’s been a huge reason why she’s still as popular as she is and how she is constantly gaining new fans.  But let’s be honest…guarantee all the fans who took time out to come out to this festival has seen the movie approximately 1200 times and have it memorised word for word. It was probably on  22 times on VH1 just this weekend.

Let’s get together and watch the real Selena at her best. Perhaps show one of the Astrodome concerts or the 1991 San Antonio show.  Put it up on the big screen and have everyone watch it on the lawn. It would almost feel like she’s there live. If they can’t do a big set up, maybe have a tent set up that has showings of various concerts or clips. A lot of fans haven’t sat down and actually watched a performance from beginning to end.

Maybe use this opportunity to present the 1994 Astrodome concert 😉



Costume Contest

One of my favorite things about the festival is seeing all the elaborate costumes. It’s like going to Comic Con. How fun would it be to have people parade the best outfits and looks on stage and win a prize for their efforts?


Interactive Display

In a giant tent or trailer, have some interactive displays,  listening stations of her old early stuff as a child, and maybe some of her  personal items. Basically a mini museum. But start from her early life and as you walk through, it covers her career and life with photos and music. I’m sure new and old fans would learn something. And it’s a way to escape the massive crowds!


Selena Panels

This one is for my “nerdy” side and doubt it would never fly but in my perfect world, I would love to see a Selena “panel” that you can attend. For those who don’t know, it’s an event where you gather people together and listen to someone speak about a subject and tend to have a Q & A.  It would have an “expert” speak and take questions on various topics like Selena’s early music or her time at Selena Etc (like a previous employee..maybe Martin Gomez, the designer she worked with?) . Just to share some stories and answer questions.

There’s so much possibility for this event. I know it’s not all feasible but as a long time fan, I’d love to see more things to honor her and her life. I’m perfectly content the way it is but it can’t hurt to add more.

Let me know if you have any ideas! I’d love to hear them 🙂

Why is Selena’s father suing Chris Perez?

I try to steer away from drama on here  but this subject in particular has made the Selena fan base explode in anger.

It has been reported that  Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla is suing Chris Perez and blocking production of the mini series that he is attempting to produce about their relationship.

The immediate reaction is, “What a horrible/selfish/awful thing to do!” and I get it. I’m with you!

Over the years, I’ve always figured they had a decent relationship. Maybe they’ve just tolerated each other all these years and attempted to keep the peace for the sake of Selena.

Back in 1995, Chris Perez signed away his “rights” to Selena’s image, likeness, voice and well, pretty much anything pertaining to her. Simply, he can’t make money off her. Chris still gets a cut of her royalties but cannot create the product for what I interpret. He signed away this two months after her passing. According to an article at Texas Monthly, Chris didn’t have much interest in her estate in that way. As stated  :

“….Before the trial, he said that he wanted to continue playing guitar, focusing on rock music. He also answered critics who questioned the handling of the estate, saying, “I didn’t have a lawyer just like Selena didn’t have a lawyer. We didn’t need a lawyer because this is family. And why should I worry about losing something? I have already lost what I always wanted. I would trade everything I had if I could have her back.”

Legally,  Mr. Quintanilla does have a case.

Does this make this all okay? Of course not. And obviously it doesn’t make him look good. He already has a bit of a bad reputation among fans.  But there is a contract that needs to be honoured. Chris obviously wasn’t looking that far ahead to foresee this sort of situation. He never seemed to be interested in the business side of things.

I honestly do not believe Mr. Quintanilla is this horrible  money grabbing father that people paint him to be. If he was as greedy as people make him out to be, he would of done a lot more with the Selena brand in the last 21 years as he pretty much has full reign over it. But instead, he’s been quite choosey on releases and it’s difficult to find any official “Selena” products.

I think Abraham has good intentions on protecting her image and legacy which is why I can *sort of* see this from his perspective. I have no doubt that he loves her and wants to do what’s best for her legacy. The Quintanillas worked incredibly hard to get where they are.  He was burned in the past shortly after her passing with bootleg tshirts, unauthorized books and movies that were being attempted to be made.

Maybe he’s scared of Chris revealing a particular side of her ? I mean, Selena has always been portrayed as a “saint”. I doubt Selena has much or any real scandal and Chris has always been so graceful about what he shares about their personal lives.

There are some unanswered questions like how did Chris’s book “To Selena with Love” book get published at all and just a week or two ago, her father seemed okay with the idea of the book turning into a tv mini series. Why the sudden change of heart?

I suppose we don’t know the full story.

This is all pure speculation on my end. I’m not a lawyer. Maybe I’m just like Selena and try to see the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

I do hope they reach an agreement outside of court. The family has been through enough and it would be a shame to bring your son in law to court.

Now that Chris seems to be in a better headspace than he was back 21 years ago, perhaps now is a good time to look at renegotiating with Mr. Quintanilla if that’s possible. As fans, we want to hear Chris’s stories too and it would be unfortunate the only reason he can’t is because of money and contracts.  I hope they get it worked out because I’m sure all of us want to see the mini series in the future 🙂

Selena is finally getting her Hollywood Star. Here’s why it probably took so long.


“It’s about damn time.”

Other than cheers and the congratulations, that’s been the most common response to the news that  Selena getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  It was announced last week that she will be getting it sometime in 2017 along with a variety of other celebrities.

It’s been years in the making. There’s been online petitions circulating the internet for awhile now.  If you go to any Selena Facebook group or online forum, no doubt you will see people expressing why she deserves one. She’s made a huge impact in the music world and opened doors for other Latin artists so why is she just being recognized now?

What I think most fans don’t understand is that it’s not something you just get because fans petitioned for it nor is it something that some big wig in Hollywood just decides. Or that you just get because you think they are famous enough. Julia Roberts and George Clooney don’t even have one! Not because they aren’t well known enough (obviously) but because there’s an entire process involved. It  involves an application, interviewing, voting and money- $30,000 to be exact. Although many argue that sure, the Quintanillas probably have some cash for it but is it worth it?

I’ve read many replies from when fans ask him on the chat section where Mr. Quintanilla has previously said he didn’t want her to have one because it’s basically “buying” her one when she didn’t need to have a star “bought” in order to recognize her achievements and legacy. I completely agree with that. She’s been gone from us for 21 years now and has a bigger fan base than ever. All without the star.

And well, have you been to Hollywood Walk of Fame? It’s not exactly the nicest place 😉

I get it that fans want her name in Hollywood along with the other 2500+ stars. She’s a star too afterall, right?  She earned it! I mean, c’mon…Pee Wee Herman has one. Kermit the Frog does too and he’s not even real. It does show a huge achievement for her as she worked hard and left a tremendous mark on the industry and shows she has no doubt crossed over. But a star isn’t going to prove that. She has been beyond that. The fact she is still making the news and trending on a frequent basis and still getting new releases says a lot about her and her growing legacy. I bet most of the stars on that sidewalk who have passed away can’t say that.

Don’t get me wrong! I am happy about this news and excited along with all the other fans. I am also surprised that her family has had a change of heart when it came to this.

So yes, it is about time she received one however, even if she never did, it wouldn’t matter. Selena would still be making the headlines.



These Selena rumors need to stop.

Here’s some advice – don’t ever read the comments section on Youtube or articles on Selena.  Even Selena’s official Facebook page isn’t safe.

Over the years,  I’ve heard my fair share of Selena rumors and misinformation . You will come across the most outrageous statements.  There’s been some that just have not died. They are still circulating and going strong…21 years later. Let’s have a look.

Selena died because Abraham refused a blood transfusion because she was a Jehovah’s Witness

My goodness. I swear I see this one mentioned once a day. At least. The amount of fans who still  believe this astounds me. This was started by a tabloid shortly after her death. If people would just take a few minutes to google, they could get to the bottom of it.

But before we even think to google, let’s just think about this  in a logical sense for just a second. Why would they wait til they got to the hospital to do any kind of lifesaving action? Also why would they need to ask her father for any kind of permission or opinion when she was a 23 year old married woman?  He has no say. It is true that her father said she wouldn’t want one after the doctor mentioned they performed one but it doesn’t stop the doctor from doing it.  But it was after the fact and she had already passed.

The court transcripts describe in detail what happened on that day. The doctor who performed emergency surgery was a witness during the trial along with a paramedic and the hotel clerk who attempted to help her.  There’s also multiple interviews on various TV specials where they explain what life saving measures they attempted before they arrived at the hospital. Unfortunately, chances are she passed away before she even left the hotel. The hotel clerk goes into detail on what he witnessed in the hotel lobby.

The doctor who performed surgery also has said, “It was my professional opinion it was futile to continue.” On cross-examination, defense lawyers asked Elkins whether Selena’s father and manager, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., had insisted doctors stop giving his daughter blood, citing his religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness.

The surgeon said he was unaware of Quintanilla’s request and that, even if he had been informed of it, he would have continued the blood transfusions. “Although I respect her faith, she did not have the opportunity to tell me to discontinue that treatment,”Elkins said of Selena. But he added that no amount of blood would have brought the singer back to life.


Dr.  Louis Elkins testimony (The surgeon who performed on her at the hospital)

Richard Fredrickon testimony (paramedic on the scene)

Famous Crime Scene episode

Selena was beyond aid, doctor said. (newspaper article)


So no, her father didn’t kill her. We all know who killed her.

Selena had an affair with a doctor in Mexico.

This one stems from Yolanda and  Dr Martinez, a doctor who has claimed to perform liposuction on her in Monterrey. Why anyone would listen to a word Yolanda says when she hasn’t proved herself trustworthy in any shape or form is beyond me. The “proof” is her traveling back and forth to Monterrey and some supposed diary that doesn’t exist. There is just nothing to support this claim. Yes, she was traveling back and forth but she was in the midst of trying to open another boutique down there.

So what we are going on are accounts from someone who is a pathological liar who changes her story every few years, a diary that doesn’t exist and a doctor who decided to “speak up” 20 years later on a tabloid news show. Who are fans willing to believe? I’m not one of those fans who treat Selena as a saint. But this has absolutely nothing to back it up.

An episode of “Behind the Music”  on VH1 that investigated this “secret”diary that supposedly reveals everything. They even went all the way down to Mexico to find it as per instructions from Yolanda. It was not found. No surprises there. Unfortunately that video is no longer on Youtube.

Selena was pregnant when she died.

I’m not even sure where this one started from. I’m assuming once again from Yolanda. For what I’ve gathered, she’s mentioned it in interviews but those interviews are in Spanish so I’m unable to understand.

But if she was, we would of known by her autopsy report as it would of been used in court. Not only that, Chris mentions she was not in his book, “To Selena, with Love”. His mother asked as she came across her folic acid tablets.

So why exactly do fans believe all of this?  Why are they getting their information from the person who caused the tragedy and tabloids? Maybe they just like the drama?

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Do some research before you believe what selenafan23 said in the comments section.