The best Selena releases so far.

So the Selena and MAC makeup collaboration…this is wonderful news considering how big and respected that brand is. I’m making a prediction now that this is going to be a huge seller considering her following when it comes to her makeup and fashion. And for the first time, I’m seeing fans actually all coming into agreement that this is a great idea unlike other times where you see the “Just let her rest in peace!!” argument. (insert eye roll here)

But over the years we’ve seen numerous releases.  Some I found exciting. Some I shrugged at. (another biggest hits album? No thanks!)

Here are a few that I believe have been some of her best or most important.

NOTE: Now I’m going to leave the movie out of this list as it seems obvious with the impact that’s made.

selena stamp

US Postage Stamp – I think this one went under the radar a bit but I believe it’s one of the most important releases to date. She was being recognised by the  government for having some impact on US music history. I bet she would of never imagined in her wildest dreams thought she would be  showing up on a stamp. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for her short time here.

to selena

To Selena, With Love-  Finally…a legit book! A book that isn’t claiming to be speaking to “her ghost” or spreading ridiculous rumors. And it’s from a family member! And not just any family member- her husband.  I loved how it portrayed her as a real person. Not just the performer. It also showed her human side- getting upset, being stubborn, wanting her own way about things… it went beyond the ‘Saint Selena” that she is always made out to be. It just showed her real side. Chris also addressed rumors and set some things straight from her last days. And we got to see her very last photo from the day before she passed. I really need to read this again!


Enamorada De Ti- This was the first time in years I was this excited about a music release of any kind. I would say the last time I was this giddy was for the Anthology. I really get tired of hearing people say “Don’t ruin the originals!!”  That wasn’t the point of this album. It’s not to take away from the originals or to replace them. It’s just a way to “reimagine” them if they were made today. And well, it’s always great to get some “new” music from her.  I actually like some of them more than the originals such as “Ya No” and “Techno Cumbia”. It made it sound more full and upbeat. Or the acoustic track of “Corbade” . You actually got to hear her voice without all the keyboards and traditional Tejano sounds.  It just sounded so pure and how the song was meant to be.  I wish this album would of done better on the charts. Not just because I liked it and for the sake of her legacy but because it was actually a well made album.


The Dolls-  Selena was born to be a Barbie. She had the look and the outfits.  There’s been 5 dolls released but some fans have taken it into their own hands and made their own creations. Some of them are amazing. They re-do her hair and makeup and sew up these tiny concert outfits.  Some of the fan made ones are better than the actual original dolls. I love that it’s become a hobby for some people.


And then there’s this…


If it wasn’t for this album, many people would of never been introduced to her. It showed exactly who she was and where she was heading.

Twenty years on and we are still getting new releases almost every year. Just goes to show her fan base is still growing and still demanding. I cannot wait to see the MAC collection. I’m excited to see the advertisements and how they go about promoting it. I’m also wondering if it will be launching in Australia MAC stores as she doesn’t have much of a following here compared to other parts of the world. But I am positive that there’s going to be some bright red lipstick in the collection. Can’t wait to see it!

3 thoughts on “The best Selena releases so far.”

  1. I constantly think about those other songs we haven’t heard yet, the ones Selena was yet to sing for the Dreaming of You album. I also would LOVE to hear the demos/studio roughs of dreaming of you and i could fall in love. I couldn’t even tell you what that would mean for me. haha I remember when I heard her sing ‘oh no’ acapella on that Control show, and I thought to myself, I would literally do ANYTHING to hear Selena sing the rest of that song. I thought that for almost 20 years. And then it was dropped online like a nuclear bomb in my life. There I was, crying like a baby all over again.
    Just like when I found out Chris was releasing his book about her.
    There I was, crying like a baby again… I’m so excited for the future I can’t handle it!


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