Can we all just get over the J Lo vs. Selena debate?

One of the things that seems to be brought up quite often in the comments section of fan pages is the classic “J Lo Vs Selena” debate.  This has been around since Jennifer Lopez became a household name. Anytime she is mentioned along with Selena, some fan’s automatic reaction is to compare their careers and slam Jennifer. The things I’ve come across the most have been “If it wasn’t for Selena, she wouldn’t have a career” or “Selena is better than JLo” and how she is “copying” her.

First off, I do not claim to be a Lopez fan. I enjoyed her during the one season that I watched American Idol and I like one of her perfumes. I can’t name a song other than “Jenny from the Block”. That’s about as far as it goes.

I don’t understand why fans need to put them into a competition.

Jennifer simply took an acting role. An important one, yes. But still, it was  a role she played. By playing her, it doesn’t mean she is trying to be her or copying her. It doesn’t mean she is trying to replace her. It was her job as an actress. Years later, she is still gracious about the whole experience and has nothing but wonderful things to say about her. So why the hostility? She has done numerous tributes during her concerts and most recently, at the Latin Billboard Awards. And a tribute doesn’t mean she is trying to be her. She is paying respect. A lot of people don’t seem to know the definition of tribute is. 

No one can predict if she would of been where she is now without that experience.  She already had a steady career prior but this definitely threw her into the spotlight. She has admitted that her playing Selena is what inspired her to do her clothing line and sing. What’s the difference between her being inspired and any other fan?

I just think this whole debate is ridiculous.

So let it go folks.  It’s really not a competition. It’s not a who is bigger or better than who. They each have their own unique career.

6 thoughts on “Can we all just get over the J Lo vs. Selena debate?”

  1. I like your blog on Selena. I’m a fan of Selena and I have also enjoyed some of Jennifer Lopez’s music. I liked how Jennifer portrayed Selena and I think there is more than enough room for many strong singers like Selena and Jennifer. I’ve heard some of Selena Gomez’s music too and I also found an album by someone else named Selena – her album was quite different and uplifting (in English).


  2. Selena Gomez was named after Selena Perez as many babies were after Selenas passing as tribute to the singer.
    Not a fan of either Jlo or SG but I will say this…there shouldn’t be any negative comments or hatred toward anyone!
    Selena loved her fans and her husband however people have to move on and as fans we have to accept what is and not what was with respect to Selena Perez.
    Chris Perez is a wonderful and humble person with a very big heart. Chris has shared his thoughts, his family, pictures and has interacted with many of us…and for some ladies to go crazy over a picture of Chris & Jlo is absolutely ludicrous and so immature!
    Grow up people! I personally like the picture and glad he had a good time. Chris Perez has been through so much and became a widower at a very tender age and unless you know what it is to have your loved one killed PLEASE SHOW THIS MAN RESPECT HIS EARNED IT!


    1. Selena Gomez was born in 1992,”Selena” died in 1995,Gomez’s mom and dad were big fans so that’s why she’s named after her.


    2. Selena Gomez was born in 1992,”Selena” died in 1995,her parents were big fans,so her death had nothing to do with her being named after her.


  3. The reason people do it is because we miss Selena, we wanted to see her fulfill her dreams. Jennifer is now doing what Selena wanted to do and it irritates Selena fans that its not Selena doing it. Also sadly JLO doesn’t have the voice Selena did, her songs are catchy but she doesn’t have the power and range Selena did yet she is successful and people attribute that to the attention she got after portraying Selena. Fans see it as her capitalizing on Selena’s hard work. I’m not sure if JLO would have been a singer if she didn’t get the role of Selena, she would have continued as an actress but probably wouldn’t have had the other opportunities she has had since she played Selena. I think she is a hard working actress and has some talent but she is doing what we all wanted Selena to do and some people are immature and hate on JLO because of it, instead of being happy for someone who works hard and is succeeding in life.


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